New Economic Development Policy (NEDP) hnuaiah Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (EDS) kalpui mek a ni a. EDS hnuaia component pawimawh tak “Micro Start Up Competition” chhawp chhuah niin Mizo thalaite tan Start-up Capital Competition (intihsiakna) buatsaih a ni dawn a. Competition hian heng sector pathum te hi a huam ang: (i) Agriculture & Allied Sector (marketing solution); (ii) Urban Transport/Mobility (24*7 small public transport solution); leh (iii) Solid Waste Management.

He competition-a proposal nei tha te hnenah Micro Start Up Capital

Rs. 5,00,000/- (cheng nuai nga) thlenga dawn theihna ruahman tur a ni ang. Competition (intihsiakna) hi round hnih kalpui a ni ang a. Round khatna ah chuan Proposal thehluh chu final round a tel tur thlan a ni ang a, round hnihna Final round a tel tur Proposal tha zual thlanchhuah te power-point presentation hmangin an proposal sawifiah tura sawm an ni ang a. Mizoram Entrepreneurship Development Monitoring Committee in Micro Start Up Capital dawn tur a thlang ang.

Proposal hi June 1, 2017 hma ngeia thehluh tur a ni. Proposal te hi format siamsa hmanga Mizoram address ngei a thehluh tur a ni a. Proposal format hi a hnuai a hming ziak hnenah hian lam theih a ni ang a, Planning Department website ah tarlan a ni bawk ang. Hrechiang duh tan office hun chhungin a hnuaia hming ziak hnenah hian zawhfiah theih a ni.


Secretary, MEDMOC &

Deputy Adviser - cum - Deputy Secretary

Planning & Prog. Implementation Department

Government of Mizoram

IPR No. 42

This is the prescribed format for Micro Start Up Capital Competition is uploaded in out Notice Board Section. Please goto the page and download the attachment.