There have been several cases where private parties i.e. NGOs/firms etc. come up with project proposals for funding under State Government or Central Ministries, requiring approval and endorsement of the State Government for such proposals. On the other hand, it is also observed that there are certain sectors and gaps which government agencies fail to, or cannot fill. It is decided to create an avenue/ opportunity/ platform for possible entry of private parties to fill perceived gaps left by public investment.


          It is, therefore, felt necessary to streamline process of such approval so as to enable inclusion of project proposals from NGOs/societies/firms where there are perceived sectoral gaps. It is also considered necessary that a framework for acceptance of such proposals and further management, common to all developing departments may need to be created, that may be submitted or endorsed to the Planning Department.


          Criteria for acceptance of project proposals from private parties are as follows:-


     1. If proposed project is in the interest of the State and in line with the development objectives of the State.

     2. If proposed project is an ‘Innovation’ and an improvement of practiced concepts and procedures.

   3. If proposed project is community & livelihood based, with projected outcomes to benefit the society as opposed to a private individual.  


          Procedure for acceptance of projects proposals from NGOs and other private firms are as follows:-


i. The private party may submit project proposals to concerned Department who will examine them based on the above criteria and explore funding possibilities under any ongoing schemes and programmes or otherwise in their respective line Ministries.


ii. On finding merit to the project proposals, the Department will endorse the proposal to Planning Department for approval, with a Report giving further details, particularly on the matters concerning availability of land for the project as well as the quantum of fund to be involved. Projects with recurring expenditure for salary etc. will normally be rejected unless the proprietor has considered it viable within his/her capacity.


iii. Planning Department will satisfy itself of the fulfillment of the acceptance criteria and examine the proposals on the following grounds –

  1. Project proposals considered may be posed only under those schemes or funding agencies where pattern of funding is cent per cent and there is no requirement of State Matching Share.
  2. For special innovative project proposals wherein the applicant NGO/firm may be willing to pay the matching share, the Government may decide if the applicant is considered able to show his/her financial condition that fulfills the requirement. However, the terms and condition of such provision may at the sole discretion of the Government, through Planning Department.
  3. Project proposals that are considered will be those for which further maintenance is not the responsibility of the State Government.


iv.  After obtaining the approval of Planning Department, the Department will then approach the concerned Central Ministry for funding.


v. Planning Department will function as a monitoring agency for such projects, with appropriate reports and returns devised for the purpose by Planning Department to which the implementing agency shall abide.