The New Economic Development Policy (NEDP) has been prepared with proper vision and well defined guiding principles so that development programme undertaken in the State will be accommodative of the culture, tradition and lifestyle of the Mizo people, and be holistic, inclusive and provide long term sustainability for the State’s Economy. ‘My Project, My NEDP – Mipui Mamawh Inṭawm Ruahmanna (MiMIR)’ is a new initiative undertaken in line with the principles of this Policy.

a) My Project, My NEDP – MiMIR is intended to enable public participation in the formulation of one major developmental project of common public utility in each District.

b) Under MiMIR, there is a total provision of Rs.8.00 crores, with Rs.1.00 crore for one project within each of the 8 Districts of Mizoram.

c) Project proposals will be selected through an open and fair competition.

Details of the scheme are linked as under :-



MiMIR Winners: