Planning & Programme Implementation Department, as the nodal body for all development works, is mandated with the task of Formulation, Implementation, and Monitoring of all development-oriented schemes of the Centre and the State. It is the nodal agency for Central Sector Schemes, Centrally Sponsored Schemes, Special Plan Assistance, Special Central Assistance, State Priority Projects and managed the State Matching Shares for these schemes. It is also the State Nodal Department for the erstwhile Planning Commission, NITI Aayog, Ministry of Development for North East Region, North Eastern Council and Ministry of Science and Technology.

       A paradigm shift occurred in 2014 in the planning process of the Country with the dissolution of the Planning Commission and the subsequent enforcement of the Fourteenth Finance Commission. It effectively meant that individual States now have greater role, power and responsibility to Plan their own development, welfare and prosperity. Therefore, Planning Department has also geared itself up to bring about a sea change in the way priorities are placed in matters of economic development and to evolve new development strategies which is practical, holistic, inclusive and sustainable.

       The vision of Planning Department is to attain a robust, inclusive, self-sustained and cohesive economy, with a mission to provide quality, comprehensive informed decision making and policy creation, analysis and interpretation regarding planning for and allocation financial and analytical resources.

       Planning & Programme Implementation Department consists of (I) Planning Secretariat (II) Research and Development Branch (III) Directorate of Economics & Statistics (IV) Directorate of Science & Technology. The Mizoram State Planning Board functions alongside PPI Department.

             The Administrative Branch is manned by Officers drawn from MCS/ MSS Cadre and other Secretariat Ministerial Staff. The Research & Development Branch (RDB) is manned by Officers of MPE&SS and MSS and supporting Ministerial Staff of the State Government.

             The State Planning Board is chaired by the Chief Minister and comprises of Vice Chairman, Member & Secretary, Consultants & supporting Officers & Staff.


Function of Planning & Programme Implementation Department (Research and             Development Branch)

       The work distribution in Planning & Programme Implementation Department, Research and Development Branch is divided into 4 (four) functional divisions. Each division is allotted Functional and Sectoral charges. All departments in the state which are allocated developmental funds from the Central or State Governments are dealt with under these sectoral charges:-

1. Establishment and Coordination Division: 

Maintenance of service records, processing service matters relating to service of staff and establishment matters for Research and Development Branch.

2. Financial Resources and Plan Formulation Division:

The main functions under Financial Resources and Plan Formulation Division are:-

  1. Estimation and Mobilization of Development/Plan resources.
  2. Formulation of Development plan and allocation of resources.
  3. Monitoring of Development/Plan fund Expenditure.
  4. This division provided secretariat support to the Three Tier NEDP Committee, Mizoram State Planning Board and Mizoram State Entrepreneurship Development Monitoring Committee.

 3. Project Monitoring Division:

This division monitors developmental schemes and projects, collecting Quarterly Progress Report and holds review meeting, site inspections and visits of the projects under NLCPR, NEC, CSS etc. 

Meeting of Monitoring and Surveillance Committee at various levels are held from time to time.

Meeting of Special Project Monitoring Committee for Delayed Projects were also held as and when required.

4. Research and Analysis Division:

The Division is charged with –

  1. Publication of Economic Survey of Mizoram.
  2. Sectoral surveillance.
  3. Review and evaluation of annual plans, schemes and programmes.
  4. Performance Budget.
  5. Work Programme.
  6. Sustainable Development Goals.


Functions of State Planning Board :-

  1. Review and monitoring of State Flagship Programme.
  2. Advise the Government in the formulation of Annual Plan, Five Year Plan and District Plans.
  3. Guide and recommend to the Government on any matters deemed necessary relating to Planning and other critical issues facing the State.
  4. Undertake evaluation of projects and programmes and make recommendations to the State Government.
  5. Identify factors which retard socio-economic development and suggest corrective measures to the Government.
  6. To explore the feasibility of PPP Projects and avenues for private investments in the State.
  7. To take up such other studies and function as may be assigned to it from to time and make suitable recommendations to the State Government.
  8. Frame a suitable policy for manpower planning and further advise the Government for addressing the problems of educated youths.